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Gold's Gym at Home

Members now have the ability to stream ON DEMAND workouts anywhere through our member app, Gold's Gym Orange County (click to download the app).

In addition to Gold's Gym at Home, the member app gives you the ability to check into the gym using your phone, access group ex & cycling schedules, yoga schedule, The TRIP, GOLD'S 3D scans, complimentary training consults, Parisi Speed School, swim lessons, massage services, boxing classes, member services, and MORE. The app is built specifically for members of Gold's Gym Newburgh & Gold's Gym Middletown. DOWNLOAD THE MEMBER APP TODAY.

Choose Your Complimentary Training Consult

Which applies most to you?

1. Pain or Movement Issues

2. Wanting to learn the fitness machines

3. Getting "show ready" for bodybuilding or sports performance

4. Wanting to lose unwanted weight & feel great again

Our Newburgh and Middletown personal training teams have undergone rigorous education and up-skilling to take your fitness progress and goals to the next level. We're here to help you!

CLICK HERE to schedule the complimentary training consult that best suits your needs.

The TRIP - Out of This World Cycling Class

Included in your membership, Les Mills THE TRIP™ will leave you breathless in more ways than one! Come experience the most talked about cycling class in the fitness industry.

THE TRIP™ is a fully immersive workout experience that combines a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout with a journey through digitally-created worlds. With its cinema-scale screen, surround sound system, and motivating instructors, this IMMERSIVE FITNESS workout takes motivation and energy output to the next level, burning serious calories.

If you want to get fitter faster, with less discomfort, new research from the Les Mills Lab shows that THE TRIP is the way to go.

CLICK HERE for class details.

Happy Zumba Dance Party!

When: Fri, April 29th, 6:45 to 8pm

Where: Gold's Gym Newburgh

Who: Anyone who loves to dance

Led by: The best ZUMBA teachers in town!

Open to members and non-members, this event is FREE and open to the public. Must be 13 or older (under 18 must be accompanied by parent).


You and your guests are invited to come and let loose with us. Come one, come all. When it's over, there will be complimentary refreshments and prizes for the coolest Zumba outfits.

Be there!

40 Yard Dash Clinic (Ages 12 to 22)

REGISTER HERE. Limited space available, first-come-first-served ($20 fee). Parisi Speed School (located inside Gold's Gym Middletown) is offering a 40-yard dash clinic for young athletes to maximize their SPEED potential, one of the most important athletic skills in any sport. The clinic will help to improve the physical mechanics of any young athlete including proper arm action, stride length, and posture.

CLICK HERE to learn more about:

1) Parisi Speed School's general programs for young athletes to maximize their potential in any sport.

2) Kids fitness classes for ages 4 to 12.

Functional Nutrition & Weight Management

Available NOW. AlignLife Newburgh offers nutrition programs, weight management, and functional nutrition lab testing (blood chemistry analysis) for optimal health. In the near future, AlignLife will open a physical location inside Gold's Gym Newburgh, which will also provide chiropractic care. The facility is awaiting approval for its building permit from the Town of Newburgh and is expected to open sometime during the summer.


CLICK HERE for details and free phone consultation.

Boxing Fitness Classes for Beginners

At Gold's Gym Newburgh, certified boxing coach, Marty Hirsch, has expanded the boxing program for beginners to advanced. Get a fantastic workout while learning the same skills used by professional boxers. CLICK HERE for the next round of BEGINNER classes starting on April 11th. If you missed the latest round of advanced classes, be sure to email Marty at comgear@hvc.rr.com to be informed on the next round of dates in May.

MASSAGE Available at the Gym

Services include: 60 minute or 90 minute swedish, deep tissue, or sports massage with Jenn Dietz. Reflexology and cupping services also available.

By appointment only at Gold's Gym Newburgh and Gold's Gym Middletown. Services take place in a private massage room at either location.


FREE Parisi T-Shirt With Athlete Evaluation

Parisi Speed School of Middletown (located inside Gold's Gym) is instilling youth athletes with the confidence and skills necessary to maximize their potential in any sport. It's the perfect solution for any athlete (ages 7 through college) who wants to maximize their speed, strength, agility, and endurance.

CLICK HERE for details and sign-up your promising young athlete for an evaluation today.

How to Use Gym80 Strength Equipment

Gold's Gym Newburgh & Gold's Gym Middletown both recently installed a new line of strength of equipment from Gym80. Some of the equipment has multiple adjustments to provide you with optimal biomechanics, including a "drop set" feature on the shoulder press, chest press, and decline press.

CLICK HERE for a short video on how use the drop set feature to maximize your strength gains!

New Addition & Track/Basketball Reopening Update

We're happy to announce that we're nearing the home stretch for the completion of the new addition at Gold's Gym Newburgh. The current projected timeline is for the track to reopen fully during the week of April 11th. The new addition is expected to be completed and open to members during the month of May with the basketball court also reopening at that time.

The addition will provide members with a new powerlifting and leg area with mirrored platforms, racks, leg equipment, and a functional training area on the mezzanine.

Download the Member App

If you haven't already done so! The Gold's Gym Orange County app (custom built for Newburgh & Middletown members) is your access to everything there is to know about your Gold's Gym membership. It provides you with quick and easy access to the following:

1. Ability to check-in using your phone

2. Cycling, group ex, & yoga schedules

3. Free training consult & personal training

4. Boxing classes

5. Swim lessons

6. Parisi Speed School

7. The TRIP

8. GOLD'S 3D body scan

9. Massage services

10. Gold's Gym at home

11. Member Services


Advanced Disinfecting Technology

Did you know? Gold's Gym Newburgh & Gold's Gym Middletown spray the entire gym regularly with a highly advanced disinfectant technology called, My Shield. CLICK HERE to view a quick video on how the technology works in providing all members, staff, and guests with a sanitized safe environment in the gym. The spraying of My Shield is done every 3 to 4 weeks during the overnight cleaning hours when the gym is closed.

It is also required that all members contribute to the sanitization and safety of the gym by using a hand towel to wipe down any of their sweat or perspiration from equipment after use. Spray bottles are provided throughout the gyms for this purpose.

Arriving at Lady Gold's in Newburgh

FINALLY ARRIVING THIS WEEK! The old Cybex circuit in the Lady Gold's women's only area will be replaced with the all new Vitality circuit from Precor. The equipment will be largely the same as the Vitality circuit that's currently installed in Middletown Lady Gold's. We apologize for the delay in receiving this equipment as the order took several months to fulfill due to supply-chain issues and equipment shortages.

Your patience has been greatly appreciated.

Easter Hours & EGG HUNT for Newburgh

Fun for the kiddos! Easter Egg Hunt, Thurs, Apr 14th, 10:30am. Meet in Kids Club!

Easter Hours & EGG HUNT for Middletown

Fun for the kiddos! Easter Egg Hunt, Fri, Apr 15th, 10:30am. Meet in Kids Club!