($245 for Gold's Gym members)


($245 for Gold's Gym members)







The Ultimate Body Cleanse is a complete nutritional detoxification that helps you boost energy, reduce cravings, improve mental clarity, eliminate pains, and reduce weight.

Here are a few more health benefits:

Improved Immune Function
Digestive System Repair
Liver Support & Repair
Parasite Elimination
Toxin Removal

Watch the video below to hear how UBC made a difference in Anne's health and life!


Why the Body Needs to Detox:

Every day, you’re exposed to a barrage of toxins. In fact, the more you dive into the subject, the more shocked you’ll be at how many cleaning products, make-up, detergents, and soaps contain toxins that are harmful to your health. 

Yes, your liver helps your body flush these toxins out naturally. But over time, the load becomes too much, toxins build up, and you start to feel its many effects. This includes headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, gaining (and not being able to lose) weight, getting sick more often, skin problems, back pain, fatigue, low energy, and more!



The Ultimate Body Cleanse is one of the most effective detoxes available. 

Throughout the 10-day program, this revolutionary detox helps you eliminate common “trigger” foods from your diet, and sets your body up to love delicious, protein-packed whole foods such as lean meats, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Because the UBC program is designed to allow your body to acclimate to nutritional changes, you can easily move your body into a healthy detox. The best part about it is you're eating real foods that are sustainable after the detox! This will help you transform your health and make it easier maintain a healthy outcome and weight.


Clinically Proven Supplements

The Ultimate Body Cleanse includes six physician-quality supplements that work to reset and restore your overall gut health, digestion and nutrient absorption. 












Check out these episodes, where the founder of the cleanse goes into detail on the importance of detoxifying the body.

Episode 1: You're Toxic!

Learn How Many Toxins Are Found Inside Your Home

Heavy metals are everywhere. The average person is exposed to 62 different toxins a day. It seems nearly impossible to avoid them from seeping into your body. This video will take you through an average person's day while noting each and every time they are exposed to heavy metals. We shouldn't live in fear of toxins, we should be conscious of what our body needs to get rid of them.

Episode 2: You're a Great Host!

Learn How Parasites Are Invading Your Body

It's true... 1 out of 3 people are infected with parasites. Even worse, most of those who are infected aren't even aware of it. Therefore they continue to provide a home for these parasites, feed them their favorite foods, and let them multiply in peace.

Episode 3: Protect Your Gut

Meet the Bacteria on Your Team

Even if you have a healthy diet, your body’s exposure to toxins, heavy metals, and parasites can be detrimental to your health. Processed foods, meat, and even healthy choices like fruits, and vegetables can contain preservatives, pesticides, and antibiotics that kill off the healthy bacteria lining your gut. This leads to a broken digestive system and opens the door to an attack on your immune system as well as your body’s ability to detox itself naturally.

What People Are Saying:

Life Changing

"I have done this cleanse every year for the last 5 years! It is truly my "reset' button for health! I have used this to detox my body from all the junk, to lose weight, and to gain energy. I always lose at least 9 lbs during the cleanse and that helps jump-start some healthy habits for me to continue getting healthy! After the cleanse, I truly have an INSANE amount of energy an feel better than ever! If you are looking for something to get your health habits in gear, this is for you!"

- Chelsea R.

No More Joint Pain

"This is my first time using the cleanse. I noticed by day 4 that my arthritis wasn't causing me the usual pain. by the end of the cleanse I had NO pain in my joints and my energy had significantly increased. With the elimination of the joint pain, my mood had drastically improved. I made several long term changes to my eating habits and now I eat less but feel full, eat better and notice improvements in my hair, skin and nails. Best of all, I kept off the weight that I lost during the cleanse and have continued to slim down in a safe and sustainable way. As I edge up on the age of 50, I now feel more like I did in my early 30s."

- Chris L.

A Total Mind, Body, & Soul Reset

"A total mind, body, & soul reset..HIGHLY recommend. I have done the UBC 7 times, 1 time a year for the past 7 years. I am not even sure where to start because the benefits are truly endless. For one my allergy and sinus symptoms are always greatly reduced or even eliminated for a significant amount of time, really depending on ME and when I fall off the wagon and eat poorly again. My energy levels, mood and overall "hormonal driven" symptoms are all what I would call in check.   I don't do the cleanse to lose weight, and yet I always seem to lose about 10lbs each time I do the cleanse.. which of COURSE again how long I keep that off depends on me. However it is as if I can FEEL my body working properly. The best way to describe the cleanse is, it is a total mind, body and soul reset when done properly. Doing it with a friend, loved one, even a coworker definitely helps especially the first time."

- Keri B. 



Why The Ultimate Body Cleanse?

The UBC is designed to remove toxins and clean your digestive tract while eating a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables. So many cleanses just stir the muddy waters and then the sediment. The 5/1 supplement program that is included with the cleanse is designed to remove and restore. 


Is the Cleanse Right for Me?

The answer is yes. You take the time to wash your body every day on the outside, right? You are concerned about the effects of poor hygiene, correct?  Why would you not be concerned about how things are deteriorating inside your body?  So yes, the cleanse is right for you because taking the tie to manage your health inside and out should be a number one priority. Without our health we are not strong for our friends, our family, our work, or any of the other areas of our lives that we value.  


What Will I Eat?

You will start the cleanse by removing everyday inflammatories such as alcohol, gluten and dairy. Over the course of the first 4 days you will slowly eliminate fats and animal proteins allowing your body to heal and then you will gradually start to reintroduce foods to help identify food allergies while creating sustainable habits that work for you. This is not an all in al out. That is just not sustainable! 


What About Coffee?

Yes, you will be eliminating caffeine, sugars, dairy, gluten, fat and alcohol. Not to worry this is done gradually to assist your body in the changes. If you plan to do the cleanse I suggest a plan to start eliminating these items slowly the week before you start the cleanse. Do not worry, eliminating these items leave you feeling amazing! 


Do I Get to Keep Exercising?

Yes, however we ask that you keep your exercise to an intermediate level to not raise your heart rate higher than 130 so your body can focus on the detox and balancing your blood sugar. 


Will I See Results in Just 10 Days?

Yes, if you follow the cleanse you see a change in your energy and increased efficiency. We struggle daily to get through our days much more than we have to. This amazing reset will open your eyes to how you should be feeling. 


Will I be hungry with this detox?

Most detoxes force you to go through days of ravenous hunger (and constant trips to the bathroom). That’s not the case with the Ultimate Body Cleanse because of our clean protein powder made of pea/pumpkin seed proteins. This is a must-have as you eliminate and add back foods because it helps reduce cravings, keep you feeling fuller longer, and prevent muscle loss.


How is this different than a juice or water fast? 

A water fast can cause side effects of severe digestive problems, including Leaky Gut Syndrome. A juice fast promotes harmful bacteria and fungus to grow in your gut and is not recommended. Other misleading programs promoted as a toxin cleanse are simply a bowel flush consisting of a laxative and fiber and not a complete cleansing system like the Ultimate Body Cleanse.


Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

It is common to lose weight during the Ultimate Body Cleanse. Keep in mind, the solution to pollution or toxins in your body is dilution. In addition to fat, your body will drop unnecessary or excess water.