• Continually changing workouts that burn unwanted body fat, increase lean muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness, and leave you feeling AMAZING.
  • Trainer-led at all times, rotating through a variety of exercise stations in your own private area.
  • Dramatically increase your fitness and see impressive changes in your body in just 8 weeks.
  • Awesome camaraderie, group support, and a bit of fun thrown in!
  • Includes unlimited classes Alloy Afterburn & Alloy Industrial Strength.
  • Variety of convenient class times throughout the week.

NOTE: Gold's Gym Group Training is suitable for members who have no injuries or movement limitations. If you have pre-existing injuries, pain, or restricted movement, please click HERE for a complimentary personal training consult with one of our specialized trainers.

What Members Have to Say

"Living my every day life becomes easier and I'm so much stronger after doing this functional class."

"When you come in here, it's structured. We all help each other. We all push off each other. "

"Alloy helped me prepare to do a race on my own for the first time."

With a Bit of FUN Thrown In

Not only awesome and constantly changing workouts, but also camaraderie and occasional social gatherings for those who are interested.

Join the fun side of fitness with Gold's Group Training today!


Weekly Schedule


9am - Afterburn

6pm - Afterburn


9am - Industrial Strength

6pm - Industrial Strength


9am - Afterburn

10:15am - Industrial Strength