Discounted Training & Nutrition Options Available to Gold's Gym Challenge Participants


Personal Training

Prices vary by package and trainer. Personal training is the best option for having personalized coaching and fitness/nutrition planning throughout your 12-week Challenge journey.

  • Purchase any 12 pack (1 hour sessions) - $25 off
  • Purchase any 24 or 48 pack (1 hour sessions) - $50 off

If you're currently working with a personal trainer, please speak with them about purchasing a discounted package.

If you're NOT currently working with a personal trainer, and would like to consider the packages available based on your personal needs, goals, and budget, CLICK HERE.


Nutrition Options

80% of dramatic transformation comes from carefully planned nutrition and supplementation. 20% comes from exercise.

THREE different nutrition & wellness programs have been discounted at AlignLife (located inside Gold's Gym Newburgh) to help Gold's Gym Challenge participants achieve success.