Discounted Training & Nutrition Options Available to Gold's Gym Challenge Participants


Personal Training

Prices vary by package and trainer. Personal training is the best option for having personalized coaching and program design throughout your 10-week Challenge journey.

  • Purchase any 12 pack (1 hour sessions) - $25 off
  • Purchase any 24 or 48 pack (1 hour sessions) - $50 off

If you're NOT currently working with a personal trainer and would like to explore the packages available based on your personal needs, goals, and budget, CLICK HERE.


Gold's Group Training (Alloy Classes)

$189 for 10 weeks of unlimited classes

Unlimited group training in the Alloy room (located at Gold's Gym Newburgh. Middletown members welcome). Highly effective trainer-led workouts for fat-burning, strengthening, and toning. For intermediate and advanced fitness levels. CLICK HERE for details, schedule, and purchase link.


Nutrition Options

2 programs available

80% of dramatic transformation results come from carefully planned nutrition and supplementation. 20% comes from exercise. There are two nutrition programs available through AlignLife, located inside Gold's Gym Newburgh, that can help you. A significant discount is being provided to Gold's Gym Challenge participants for either program. CLICK HERE for details.